Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Progress update


I was away when the postie  left me a 'your-parcel-that-was-too-fat-to-get-thru-your-letter-box-and-is-now-back-at-the-sorting-office' card so this morning I trundled off to collect said fat parcel. And looky looky what was safely tucked up inside that parcel ................

Thank you Andrea xx

And nestled inside the gorgeous grannies
 was this most unexpected little heart
 - beautiful xx

Thank you Andrea, very kind.

Just to show you what was included in the last parcel I sent off and in no particular order -

 a collective 
thank you 

Angela, Lovely Lady, Ju24, Esther, Jak, Ann and Lyn

Please click onto the photo to see in glorious detail all the work these wonderful ladies have got up to.


  1. OMG! These look beautiful!! I am still hooking like mad for a second load ;-) Will send you a sneak peak soon.

  2. You are very welcome! All the blankets are looking gorgeous! Well done to everyone and especially to you for putting them all together xx

  3. Don't they look wonderful. Glad some more are in the post, ready to spring into action.

    Without your endeavours none of this would have happened so your heart is well deserved.

    My next one is almost ready!

  4. Thanks Ladies, with out your help and support, none of this would be happening so thank you again xxxxxxx

  5. Lovely, the granny squares are an all time favorite of mine! Great job!

  6. They look absolutely wonderful hung together on the wall. well done all

  7. My mom is going to teach me to make granny squares in a few weeks - I'm excited about it. Lovely blankets.


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