Thursday, 19 May 2011

You know it's been a good day when.....

.................You have just taken photos 
 of these wonderful snuggly soft 
and ready-to-fly to Japan
blankies :)

In no particular order, Ann, Angela, Marta, Carol, Gillian, Lyn, Nicky and Julia 

Thank you 
ladies, you have done wonders again !!


At work this morning, I was given a large carrier bag filled with 35 delightfully soft and colourfully knitted squares, sadly I didn't catch the name of this wonderful lady - 

Thank you for your kindness

Then I went over to Skipton to meet up with this wonderful lady, and she once again presented a HUGE carrier bag filled with gorgeous grannies (there were over 60 squares) I could not stop grinning :)

Thank you 
Angela xx

But I have left, what I think, is the best to last.

It is her FIRST project
she completed it almost ENTIRELY single handedly
She had NEVER crocheted before
she is only 13 years old

Thank you 
(Charlie to her friends)

I think you are brilliant and I am so impressed !

well done :) 


And as a post script:
As I am typing this a neighbour has just left 4 large carrier bags of unused yarn - think how many grannies and blankies that's going to make! Woo hoo, what a good day it has been!


  1. Oh, ain't these gorgious!!!

  2. What a wonderful update; soon there will be no room in your house as it will be full of grannies! Please keep us all organised - we really love it!

  3. The happy, hooky ,woolly goodness is just spreading out wider and wider,xxxx Wonderful

  4. Thank you ladies, and yes woolly goodness is spreading far and wide and it IS wonderful!

  5. fantastic post, so many blankets,such lovely colours and so much activity. As for me you're very welcome to the grannies, it's my excuse for crocheting when I know my husband doesn't like it.

    Charlotte will be chuffed to see her blanket on your blog and you're right it is her first blanket but I have to own up and say she has made a curly scarf before this. Still, in true Brucie style - didn't she do well?

  6. Angela - Didn't she just! - not only is it newbies it is also brilliant how many folk have returned
    to 'hooking' having not crocheted for years and have joined in too :)

  7. Well done Charlotte, you are getting to be as good as your Mother! Thank you to all the ladies that are sending in all the grannies. It is such fun matching up and sewing them up either at the Knit and Knatter evening or at home afterwards.

  8. Well done everyone...but especially to Charlotte! xx

  9. That is a good day. I was so happy to share this with the readers of Tangled Happy. This is amazing! Wishing you a happy weekend. :)


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