Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Things that make me smile - hope they make you smile too :)

I'd been away for a couple of days on an impromptu camping trip and on returning found the postie had dropped off some more gorgeous squares,  
Kyōyū kyōyū - share has been mentioned by other bloggers 
AND I've received some wonderful news from Japan!

Let me share with you ..............................

Firstly the squares -  

Thank you to :
Liz from 'See Liz at Home'

Even the stamps and stickers are beautiful

A beautifully wrapped parcel filled with love and 15 wonderful grannies :) 


has been a wonderful supporter of this blog and has been busy making more blankets for me - she has also featured Kyōyū kyōyū - share, here


I opened my emails last night and found this waiting for me.................

Hi Kate!

Just letting you know that we received your first box of blankets last night! They are so gorgeous! I have posted  a thank you to you and your group on our blog along with a photo of one of the girls who we gave one to today– she would not let go of it! She loved her new blanket which she took everywhere with her.  Adorable sight to see. So thank you once again for all the hard work and love!
Christina A

and as I read it I found I was close to tears, called my husband over to see the photo and he too was emotional  - 



  1. This amazing to see. Wonderful!!
    PS. More squares are made as we speak.

  2. How precious!! Would it be ok, if I snagged her pic & shared it on my blog too? That's just too awesome NOT to share.

  3. With tears in my eyes, I can just about type. Such good news about the blankets. What a lovely photo and story.

    I have one ready for you and enough squares to make into another one. Will finish making a brew now, will forget the housework and concentrate on the next blanket.

  4. Esther - thank you!

    Amy - please do, the more who see this beautiful face the better!

    Ttml - :), I love the idea of housework being thrown aside for blankie making! Will have to try that one on the husband too :)

  5. This is wonderful and very moving. xx Liz

  6. Liz - it's things like this that make it seem worth all the effort, :)

  7. K, what a wonderful thing to know that the first group of blankies made it. Precious words and photo. xxJosie

  8. That is just amazing! How precious.

  9. Fabulous, emotional moment. Definitely worth the effort, will now put feet up, watch a film and start crocheting more squares.


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