Saturday, 7 May 2011

Pictures say more than words

thank you Amy, Carol and Kate

A beautifully soft and delicate blanket -
thank you 

Another lovely super-softy blankie 
thank you 

A super-soft and snuggly blanket
and a pile of  cuddly teddies
Thank you Carol

We're going to sneak a teddy in each blanket
What a thoughtful person you are Carol
thank you

A wonderfully vibrant and cuddly blanket
thank you
Lovely Lady

We went off this morning to collect this delightful assortment of grannies
Can you guess how many?

Would you have guessed 50?


try 87!!

Wow! Angela you are a demon granny maker!
Thank you!

Thank you ladies, your generosity, thoughtfulness and time - you are wonderful!


  1. What a great post. The teddies are a brilliant idea and I love the vibrant blanket from lovely lady. I knew there was more than 60 squares but I hadn't realised just how obsessive I'd become!

  2. Photos look great!

    I cannot believe there were 87 grannies in that pile; I was going to suggest 20!

    My square making has slowed down as I've been playing out in the garden, had visitors and also had to cook, wash and shop! Back to the squares tonight. I've got 8 of the 20 I need.....

    Keep on gathering up the squares! If there are a load to sew together for next week's KnK I will volunteer to take some to make into a blanket; I still love the teds! The thought of someone opening up a blanket to find a teddy is wonderful. Well done Carol.

  3. Some lovely snuggies there and the teds are a lovely idea x

  4. Angela - please keep on being obsessive with your squares, they are wonderful to receive :)

    TTmL - will bring mighty pile of grannies to knk for a marathon sew together :)

    Andrea - thank you - hopefully they give a little person something to hug.


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