Thursday, 31 March 2011

More squares keep on coming ! :)

The last few days have turned out to be absolutely wonderful!

Firstly because this lovely pile of happy-coloured squares arrived in the post................

And...and...and..., nestling in the parcel of crochet yummyness was a lovely surprise from ju24 who thoughtfully remembered my love for a particular advertisement from sustrans. So, today, as I place my tea on to my mug mat, I have a smile on my face -

thank you so much J xx

Then on Tuesday,  at knit and natter, a pile of deliciously crocheted squares appeared. They originally were beautifully crafted by Angela who, despite all the work she put into the squares, had no where for them and stashed them away for another day. She gave to me - this was quite some time before the earthquake and tsnami, with the instructions to find them a good home. Another friend fell in love with the subtle colours and the uniform patterning and decided to turn them into cushion covers. Then, on hearing about our blanket making she returned them saying that Japan's need was greater than hers - so in a very round about way - 

 thank you Angela and thank you Mary :)

Still at knit and natter, more squares appeared from Lovely Lady - including one that she had especially learnt to do called 'sayōnara' - さようなら- the Japanese word for farewell

Thank you Lovely Lady!!

Now down to more serious news, I am in contact with Japan Alive, whom we will be sending our blankets too - and they are delighted with our efforts. Please follow the link to see their good works and I will keep you up to date with how things are progressing.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Don't be a square!

Guess what I found yesterday afternoon when I returned from work -

A rather fat looking envelope on the mat filled with...........

A delicious pile of squares!

Thank you Penny!

And she has promised us some more - how very generous :)

Then last night, at knit and natter, Lovely Lady sat and nattered and crocheted these to add to the growing collection, as well as bringing some yummy buns - thank you :)

Jak brought along the first of our knitted squares as well as learning to crochet her first granny! Fired up, she now is off to make lots more for us :)

My pile of squares is growing slowly - but it's getting there!

Then, when I opened my mail I see we have some more lovely lovely contributors joining in and Andrea has her squares ready- so we are going to meet up next week  - this is getting exciting :) I get to meet a bloggy friend and add to the blankie collection.

And final bit of happy square news - Josie has just emailed me and said in a day or two she will be posting these beauties

Thank you ladies, you have done wonders in such a short time!

Have yourselves a lovely sunshiny weekend :)

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Looky Looky !

What a beautiful morning it is today, made all the better at opening my emails and reading this from Penny - Violet-White............

Hi,  I am almost ready to send squares

Wow - already?! This is brilliant, thank you so much Penny :)


Also, Andrea from Apples and Pears has also been busy working (in the spring sunshine) and look what she's made.......

Thank you ladies, you are wonderful !


Welcome to all new followers, lovely to see you :)

Monday, 21 March 2011

****!!!PINK AND WHITE!!!***

A fellow blogger has just asked should she avoid white yarn/wool for her squares and so I rushed off and did a bit of research and she is correct!

The Japanese associate white with death and mourning while pink is linked to pornography! I want our blankets to bring warmth and hope not to about learning on the job. So please avoid using those two colours if possible.

Thank you Lovely Lady for your timeous words.

Meanwhile, already 6 of you lovely ladies has put your names forward - thank you so very much x 

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Got to start somewhere

It starts here - Already some squares are coming in - details to follow!  I have also have a sponsor for the postage to Japan! So much has happened in such short time :)