Wednesday, 11 May 2011

This is why we do what we are doing.........

I cried when I read this. 2 Brave Women...

Below is just one of the photo-montages from the Japan Alive article - our blankets have not been in vain.

I am crying again..........

Thank you for all your wonderful help and time - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Me too...happy tears :-)

  2. OMG, this is fantastic!! Chills up and down my spine.

  3. Josie - it's lovely isn't it

    Esther - it is fantastic!

  4. Just wonderful xxx Do you need more squares Kate?

  5. Brilliant! Well done you for organising all this! More knitted squares in the post soon.

  6. I can't find my tissues! Tears in my eyes so typing is hard;; pelae excuse the tyupes. Well done you for organising it.

    Keep the news and photos coming. Bought some more yarn this mroning......

  7. blooming marvellous! off to crochet some more.

  8. Thank you all, and yes please, if any one fancies making more squares - I would love love love to have them, I have some wonderful friends here ready to stitch them together and many deserving families with young children waiting for them - the more the merrier!!
    thank you so so much!


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