Sunday, 26 June 2011

Lovely email, lovely squares and lovely blankies!

Just a quick update to share with you firstly a lovely email from Christina, whom I originally made contact with when I was trying to find an address to send our blankets to. She very kindly lets me know when the blankets have arrived. I thought I would share with you her latest email -


Just letting you know that we received more of your blankets and kids toys! Thank you so much. At the moment, the weather is getting really warm and humid so we'll just hold onto the blankets for now and then hand them out in a few months when the weather cools down again. The toys on the other hand are darling and we are looking forward to handing those out. Will try and get some photos and send them to you.

Thanks for all your support and kind generosity.

How wonderfully typical of children - blankets are not high on their list of priorities! So for a while, we will be sending knitted and crocheted toys. My boys still love and need cuddly toys so can you imagine what it must be like for kids who have lost everything to be given something that belongs to 'them' . 

So, if you are inspired to join in, please please do and send some love in the form of knitted and cuddly toys!! Thank you xx

Now, my demon-hooking-friend - Angela, with the longest suffering anti-crochet husband on the planet has done it again........ 60 squares!

They are now all blankets and I shall be collecting them on Tuesday to post off - I will take photos before I send to show you just how good they looked :)

I have another demon-hooking friend who makes the snuggliest ripple blankets in jewel brights and zippy colours 

I took these photos inside on a rainy day so I am sorry to say that my pictures do not do these lovely blankies justice - but believe me they are gorgeous.

All for now, I will keep you up to date of any news, please think about knitting or crocheting toys and then reach for some stash and a hook or some needles and then before you know it you will be busy crafting a little love for a child who has lost every thing xxxxxx

Friday, 17 June 2011

Update and THANK YOUs

I have some lovely photos to share and some more glorious squares have arrived courtesy of Harriet from Catapilladesigns , she has a lovely blog with lots of inspirational photos. She posted about her squares here, please pop over and have a read and say hi.

Thank you Harriet :)

Last night these squares were stitched lovingly together and now just wait for 'their' teddy and the next posting 
More blankies arrived at last nights knit and natter

A lovely warm ripple stitch

Warm and snuggly knitted blankie where the squares were knitted diagonally!

Another cheery granny square blankie

A super soft knitted blankie with a crochet trim

Thank you knit and natter ladies :)

There are more waiting to photo-ed but I am having to rush off to work. 
Will update you as soon as I can x

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Yarn Alive - please read

We all know what pleasure and comfort we get from knitting and crochet at our knit and natter groups - but as a life saver? 

Well, after the tsunami and earthquake an increased number of suicides are occurring and an initiative to teach knitting and crochet and having 'Yarn-Alive' sessions are keeping women alive - now that can't be bad!!

Follow this link 'Yarn'Alive' to read the full story - it's so so full of hope.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Pictures :) aaaw kawai!

 As per your request Angela - just look what will be winging it's way to Japan soon soon soon!

Baby blanket in small grannies

A zingy ripple

And, as per my rather long suffering male models (thanks boys:) )

A soft soft knitted blanket, very snuggly

This one was/is my Eldest son's (err I mean model) favourite one

Another soft and snuggly knitted blankie

A vibrant and colourful granny

And finally, something to really make you smile, my other model had to get in on the action and fancied holding the latest clutch of cuties (kawai) 

L-R: Kuma, Shishi and Panda (Bear, lion and panda!)

So - what do you think? Good huh?! Couldn't do it with out you ladies - So thank you again so much :)

Thursday, 9 June 2011

More squares of happiness being made daily!

Angela from A Life of Felt is in the process of crocheting her husband right out of his house! Sorry S!

For the full story plus a funny little square with so much characture and hope please follow the link



I'd been away a week and left all the scrummy squares with a group of lovely ladies who have been sewing and crocheting away to make some glorious blankies - my camera battery is flat so you will have have to hold onto your hooks and needles and I will take pictures as soon as it is charged.

Yesterday I toddled off to the post office with 6 lovely baby blankies and 8 teddies needing little folk to cuddle. I shall being doing the same tomorrow but with larger blankets for older children - lovely lovely lovely!

This week's thank yous are:

Carol, Marta, Lynne, Anne, Margaret , Margaret M, Gillian, Antonia, Val, Claire, Jennifer, Lynda and a little parcel with a Cardiff Postcode - thank you again!!

And don't forget if you blog about your involvement with Kyōyū kyōyū - share let me know and I will link it with this one and we can share the creativity and love! xx

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Oh my goodness - look at THIS!!

As usual, I was running late, had just hopped out of the shower and was getting ready for work. My hair was still dripping wet and I was still hopping around looking for my lost boot when the door bell rang. 

I hopped my way to the front door, to find a parcel delivery bloke hidden behind a box.

Not just a small box.......

But a mighty LARGE one!

Filled to the BRIM with such soft and cuddly squares

Both knitted and crochets and oh so MANY!

 how many did I hear you ask? 
Well -
Thanks to Antonia and Val
we now have an additional
100 squares 

to add to the next marathon blankie sewing session
What a wonderful effort
thank you so so so much
your generosity and time is amazing :)