Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Things that make me smile - hope they make you smile too :)

I'd been away for a couple of days on an impromptu camping trip and on returning found the postie had dropped off some more gorgeous squares,  
Kyōyū kyōyū - share has been mentioned by other bloggers 
AND I've received some wonderful news from Japan!

Let me share with you ..............................

Firstly the squares -  

Thank you to :
Liz from 'See Liz at Home'

Even the stamps and stickers are beautiful

A beautifully wrapped parcel filled with love and 15 wonderful grannies :) 


has been a wonderful supporter of this blog and has been busy making more blankets for me - she has also featured Kyōyū kyōyū - share, here


I opened my emails last night and found this waiting for me.................

Hi Kate!

Just letting you know that we received your first box of blankets last night! They are so gorgeous! I have posted  a thank you to you and your group on our blog along with a photo of one of the girls who we gave one to today– she would not let go of it! She loved her new blanket which she took everywhere with her.  Adorable sight to see. So thank you once again for all the hard work and love!
Christina A

and as I read it I found I was close to tears, called my husband over to see the photo and he too was emotional  - 


Friday, 15 April 2011

Looky Looky!!

Off to the post office later this morning - 
with these beauties :)

Photos were taken before blocking, sorry!

Last look in their 'vacuum-bagged' state 
before being packed and off to the post office :)

**with thanks to Lovely Lady, Angela, Amy, ju24, Ann, 
Penny, Carol, Lynne, Jennifer, Claire,Margaret B and Josie

More photos, more thankyous and more progress updates coming soon at a computer near you!


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Update - more parcels bearing more grannies :)

Lots of thank yous need to be said today 

Firstly .... the ladies who knit and crochet........

Who send 16 vibrant grannies, beautifully made, 
they are off today to be sewn into a blanket
thank you!

Who's grannies are already part of a beautiful blanket and ready to be posted off to Japan on Friday
thank you!

Who's wonderfully warm and snuggly soft knitted squares arrived from Ireland over the weekend. I took loads of photos and in a fit of 'tidy-uppi-ness' deleted, once your  squares are back Harriet (they are being added to a blanket) I will take some more pictures and endeavour to return to my usual tardiness and stop tidying up!
thank you!

Who knits and crochets 'just-in-case' baby blankets 
'just-in-case' she becomes a Granny, 
thank you for donating such a pretty  delicate yellow blankie,
 your blankie will be winging it's way to Japan this week.
thank you!

Lots of thank yous  

to the ladies who are sewing up our squares

Lynn, Ann, Carol and Lovely Lady

and, to the
  two village posties 
who are at my front door on a daily basis 
bearing parcels 
like these

thank you!

Thursday, 7 April 2011


I am now on first name terms with the postie...... why?

Well he keeps bringing me parcels of yummy yumminess filled with delectable grannies of happy colours.

From the States and from the UK .

So, firstly, winging their way from 'over the pond' ...........

-----------------thank you Josie!------------------

They are beautiful and already sewn into a blanket ready to be posted off. 

The pictures of the glorious grannies were taken by my Eldest son who carefully laid them out and then took their  photographs :)


---------------thank you ju24!---------------

What a lovely group of squares, they arrived this morning (anonymously,  but I had already received a tip off who they were from!) They brought such a lovely zing of sunshine and love with them.

-----------------Thank you ladies :)-----------------

And, thank you to my knit and natter group who sat last night and nattered and nibbled and stitched and crocheted blankets together for us all evening!

------------------Thank you too !!-------------------


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

More grannie-goodness - by post and by blog :)

After a hectic evening at work, I came home feeling quite jaded and tired, there waiting for me, both in my inbox and at my front door - delicious piles of wonderful crochet granny-squaredom! Suddenly I felt a whole lot better,
thank you ladies!

Amy from Little Treasures blogged about her grannies, please pop over and have a read.

So now, winging their way over from the States are 10 wonderfully colourful and warm grannies -

thank you Amy :) x

Penny from Violet White again has been quick off the mark and sent SECOND wonderful pile of grannie-goodness.

thank you Penny :) x

The other day, my Youngest spent ages sorting out some of the remaining un-stitched squares and with a great deal of concentration laid them out on the carpet. He then firmly informed me that this was the lay out pattern I was to follow (demanding no?!) then he neatly picked each square up in the correct order, found each pile a plastic bag and having finally reached a turning point, he suddenly stuffed them in their bags (as only a 10 year old boy can do) and ran off with the dog to play outside. Oh what innocent fun.


Friday, 1 April 2011

Off to the post office

This morning when I opened by inbox,  I found an email from Japan Alive saying this..........

I think it would be best to have blankets for children and babies. That way it would be easier and quicker to make (as summer will be here in the next few months)- and very much appreciated as the adults here always want the children to be served first. 

So, today I shall start sewing all our beautiful squares into little blankets, pictures to follow.  


A little later I met up with Jak - a regular contributor to both my other blog and to the blankie pile and she presented these to me..........

Seven wonderfully soft and crochet baby blankets! So snugglerly and warm and ready to be posted off :)

Ooh thank you so much Jak!

Then another look at my inbox and see an email from Esther saying : 

I just came from the post office and there are granny squares from The Netherlands coming your way!

I've blogged about them here and promoted yor wonderful initiative:

You can use the pictures of the squares if you like.

I hope they'll reach you soon and I can't wait to see the blankets that will no doubt will be in good hands with the people of Japan.

Good luck and once again, thank you so much for organising this.

Kind regards,


Just look at these beautiful squares of happiness - 

thank you Esther they are wonderful :)