Friday, 27 May 2011

Bringing a bit of sunshine and smiles :)

Just before being parcelled off - a last look at these glorious rainbow colours

A kaleidoscope of crochet and knitting

A smile of teddies and teddy-cats

Hope they make somebody smile as much as they make me smile today

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Thank you!

Looky looky what has just landed on my door mat!


aaah.................the anticipation!

oooh -beautiful, beautiful squares!

Thank you very much


I, now proudly bearing one very muscular arm and suffering RSI, 
have wound 78 balls of yarn and wool,
 I did have plenty of help and offers of help - so thank you all!
Please note the main co-conspirator of this 'wind up' - my wool winder - whom I love dearly!

Thank you 
to Angela and Sharon and Nige for generously de-stashing 
and passing this lovely woolly mountain my way :) 

Monday, 23 May 2011

Sent with love

I'd just blown in off the moors walking my dog when the postie pounded on the back door. His greeting and my thanks were whipped out our mouths by the wind. I shut the door and found I was clutching a rather fat parcel, almost bursting out if it's seams.

It didn't take much persuasion for this wonderful blankie to spring out, complete with gorgeous ribbon and note from Linda from Chalky's World


And as if that wasn't enough, Linda also tucked in a 'small' ball of yarn!
'Small' *snorts* I jest, she tucked in a 400gm ball of DK
just think how many squares that would make!!


I have also been given bags of cones of knitting machine wool, 
which I am re-winding into manageable sizes, 
below is a small selection of (approx) 40 balls. 
There are still 8 - 9 cones still to go!


Must stop now, got to go to work, but when I return, I shall continue sorting out wool to share out with all the lovely ladies here in the village who are happily making squares and blankets.

What a good way to start the week! Hope your Monday started off as brilliantly as mine :)

Thursday, 19 May 2011

You know it's been a good day when.....

.................You have just taken photos 
 of these wonderful snuggly soft 
and ready-to-fly to Japan
blankies :)

In no particular order, Ann, Angela, Marta, Carol, Gillian, Lyn, Nicky and Julia 

Thank you 
ladies, you have done wonders again !!


At work this morning, I was given a large carrier bag filled with 35 delightfully soft and colourfully knitted squares, sadly I didn't catch the name of this wonderful lady - 

Thank you for your kindness

Then I went over to Skipton to meet up with this wonderful lady, and she once again presented a HUGE carrier bag filled with gorgeous grannies (there were over 60 squares) I could not stop grinning :)

Thank you 
Angela xx

But I have left, what I think, is the best to last.

It is her FIRST project
she completed it almost ENTIRELY single handedly
She had NEVER crocheted before
she is only 13 years old

Thank you 
(Charlie to her friends)

I think you are brilliant and I am so impressed !

well done :) 


And as a post script:
As I am typing this a neighbour has just left 4 large carrier bags of unused yarn - think how many grannies and blankies that's going to make! Woo hoo, what a good day it has been!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A new wave....

No, not of the disastrous kind but one of wonderful new contributors - Welcome Linda, Antonia and Heather who have all contacted me with generous offers of squares - both knitted and crocheted, welcome ladies, your help is most needed :)

A late posting of a vibrant foursome, done by a fellow blogger under the influence of a dreadful lurgy, I think it's brilliant when some one is too ill to get out and about, she still reaches for her crochet hook! She called her squares 'garish' but in the blanket look absolutely gorgeous,

thank you!!

Right must dash, off to collect another parcel of squares, and I have some wonderful pictures of some gorgeous finished blankets to show you. Have a lovely day and keep on hooking and knitting ladies, it's a wonderful addiction to have :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

This is why we do what we are doing.........

I cried when I read this. 2 Brave Women...

Below is just one of the photo-montages from the Japan Alive article - our blankets have not been in vain.

I am crying again..........

Thank you for all your wonderful help and time - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mathematics - my way


What do you get if you add this:-


to this?

and this? 
(don't forget to also factor in the chocolate cake, 
ginger biscuits and ginger and chocolate muffins)

and this?

You get an awful lot of these!

And there are more, just being finished - photos to follow soon  :)

Monday, 9 May 2011

Running Totals update

442...............   squares received to date
29 .................  blankets ALREADY posted
5 ...................   teddies safely tucked in a blankie
99 ................   squares waiting to be sewn


And, just as I was about to leave to go to work, a knock at the door - our local postie, grinning, passed me another grannie stuffed packet - 

Julia - another 12 glorious grannies
I will photograph them tomorrow and post their pictures up, they are so pretty!

Ooh this is so exciting - I get so chuffed to bits when I see all these squares coming in and when the blankets are ready to post,  I am a little bit sad to see them go as I wrap them up safely in their parcel. But know, that they will make some one smile :)

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Pictures say more than words

thank you Amy, Carol and Kate

A beautifully soft and delicate blanket -
thank you 

Another lovely super-softy blankie 
thank you 

A super-soft and snuggly blanket
and a pile of  cuddly teddies
Thank you Carol

We're going to sneak a teddy in each blanket
What a thoughtful person you are Carol
thank you

A wonderfully vibrant and cuddly blanket
thank you
Lovely Lady

We went off this morning to collect this delightful assortment of grannies
Can you guess how many?

Would you have guessed 50?


try 87!!

Wow! Angela you are a demon granny maker!
Thank you!

Thank you ladies, your generosity, thoughtfulness and time - you are wonderful!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Progress update


I was away when the postie  left me a 'your-parcel-that-was-too-fat-to-get-thru-your-letter-box-and-is-now-back-at-the-sorting-office' card so this morning I trundled off to collect said fat parcel. And looky looky what was safely tucked up inside that parcel ................

Thank you Andrea xx

And nestled inside the gorgeous grannies
 was this most unexpected little heart
 - beautiful xx

Thank you Andrea, very kind.

Just to show you what was included in the last parcel I sent off and in no particular order -

 a collective 
thank you 

Angela, Lovely Lady, Ju24, Esther, Jak, Ann and Lyn

Please click onto the photo to see in glorious detail all the work these wonderful ladies have got up to.