Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A new wave....

No, not of the disastrous kind but one of wonderful new contributors - Welcome Linda, Antonia and Heather who have all contacted me with generous offers of squares - both knitted and crocheted, welcome ladies, your help is most needed :)

A late posting of a vibrant foursome, done by a fellow blogger under the influence of a dreadful lurgy, I think it's brilliant when some one is too ill to get out and about, she still reaches for her crochet hook! She called her squares 'garish' but in the blanket look absolutely gorgeous,

thank you!!

Right must dash, off to collect another parcel of squares, and I have some wonderful pictures of some gorgeous finished blankets to show you. Have a lovely day and keep on hooking and knitting ladies, it's a wonderful addiction to have :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. So happy to be on board the Sharing Bus! Hook is busy and glad you also have some other new members. I will look forward to seeing then next blankies
    Love Linda

  2. Ooh, some lovely new squares; they are not garish but delightful (I like strong colours). Cann't wait till tomorrows KnK to see the new squares.


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