Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Back in business - ❤

Well, it has been a bit quiet on the blanket front, a combination of funding (or rather the lack of it for posting), other projects, life, children, work etc etc all seem to have contributed. But with some wonderful support from the ladies in our knit and natter group - we are 'back in business'

Last Thursday Angela  arrived bearing a box of squares and while I got all excited  she was quite nonchalant as to how many she had made - so that night at knit and natter we spread them out, in their colours and patterns and with much usage of fingers and pen and paper (then confirmed by calculator) Angela had made over 340 squares!

Already made blankets are returning to me - and more squares whisked away 

Chocolate and lime and ice-blues and dark - gorgeous!
Don't they look wonderful - Thank you Carol and Margaret for sewing together
and thank you again Angela for not only making the squares but painstakingly weaving in the ends too
Have yourselves a lovely sunny Wednesday!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Our goodies have arrived! **Now with added pictures!!**

Kesennuma Heroes  (Please follow link)

Beautiful photos and touching post - our goodies have arrived - please pop over and have a read - see if you recognise any of your crafting :)

There is a wonderful slide show at the end of the posting, scroll down and have a read. My contact over in Japan - Christina also sent me this wonderful letter - 

I just got back from up north in Kesenuma where we were able to hand out blankets that the ladies here in Shichigahama made (the same ladies that received your blankets months ago and were inspired to create and help others also affected by the tsunami), and the teddy bears that you sent us!

We visited a "mothers house" which is basically a place for young children with autism to come along with their mothers and be taken care of by volunteers.  The story of these volunteer ladies is extraordinary. I will have the whole story written up on the Japan Alive blog later tonight so check it out there.  For today, we gave them the blankets and teddy bears to distribute fairly amongst the young children and mothers. However these same volunteers also lost everything and have their own children that they take care of so we encouraged them to also choose a blanket and teddy bear to take home.

I wanted to send you some pictures. It's really a series of pictures of just one particular girl who caught my eye! When the teddy bears came out she really looked at them all and chose carefully. You will see this in the first few pictures.  She was very quiet and reserved in comparison to the other ladies. She really took this teddy bear picking very seriously.  But take a look at the last couple of pictures . After about 30 mins we finally got to see her smile! And I just love that all the ladies in the last picture are pointing and smiling at the blankets but she is just happy about the teddy bear that she has chosen.  You could really see how much it impacted her

So please encourage your amazing group that they really are making a difference in all generations! 
We will be passing out your blankets and other toys in another area so will forward on those pictures when they come through.

Many thanks again!

Isn't that wonderful!!!


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

It's been a while!

It really has, a combination of school holidays, work, life, kids and injuring my leg all conspired to prevent me getting any blankie blogging going!
Any way, firstly a big thank you 

to Heather C, 

who YET again and sent some lovely squares, this time all blues and blacks and each one an individual pattern - silly me - I forgot to photo them before they were whisked off to be sewn to a blankie,  :)

A quick update - A visit to the post office later this morning will be ensure that this happy group go off today

There are some real characters in there - 

Aren't they cute?
Just in this little gang there are 11 teddies/dollies, 2 mice, 
2 owls, 2 flop eared rabbits and... 
one pig, my boys rather fancied him :)
 thank you
Marta and Carol

Also off today, are this little lot.....

Four delish blankies - thank you 
Marta and Jennifer

I would like to thank all you ladies who have contributed over the months - we have sent a lot of goodies and we are not alone to respond to the need of the victims of the Japanese tsunami. 

My life at the moment is rather full and I am struggling to keep up with all your work, so I would like to say thank you for so much of your time, your wool hunting, your creating and making and for your dedication. Sadly I think I will have to call a halt to our fun but am satisfied that we have made some one smile when they had lost everything.
And in case you had forgotten about those smiles follow this link and here and here

So, all that remains is to say, if you have made already squares and toys, let me have them, I will still send but please send your scarves to Kenta through scarves4japan and not me,
but for now.............

and for now