Tuesday, 26 July 2011

We've been busy... look -

We might have seemed quiet 
but no! - quite the opposite! 

A special thank you 

to Heather C, who sent a wonderful parcel of squares (top right)

Marta, Carol, Jennifer, Lynnette, Margaret and Gillian
 for the cuddly toys,

 Lynn, Lynnette, Carol, Angela,
Ann, Marta, Harriet and 
not forgetting Claire 
for contributing to, 
sewing together and making blankets!

**All the items in the top montage have already arrived in Japan, I've just been so busy recently this is the first chance I've had to up load the photos!

Also, I've been in email contact with Christina in Japan 
and she has requested scarves and soft toys
So if you fancy joining in - 
please do!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Weekend events


This weekend is our village garden festival and as part of the event, the Church invite flower displays from local groups. We decided that our knit and (k)natter group would put up a display of our crafting along with our most recent contributions of teddies and blankets explaining why we are making them and inviting any one interested to join in.

So, if you are visiting via our leaflets -

Welcome! It is lovely to see you here :)

This little lot will be off to the post office on Monday, but before they go, they are doing their bit in raising awareness - let's hope they drum up lots and lots of support from all the visitors to the garden festival xx