Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Update - more parcels bearing more grannies :)

Lots of thank yous need to be said today 

Firstly .... the ladies who knit and crochet........

Who send 16 vibrant grannies, beautifully made, 
they are off today to be sewn into a blanket
thank you!

Who's grannies are already part of a beautiful blanket and ready to be posted off to Japan on Friday
thank you!

Who's wonderfully warm and snuggly soft knitted squares arrived from Ireland over the weekend. I took loads of photos and in a fit of 'tidy-uppi-ness' deleted, once your  squares are back Harriet (they are being added to a blanket) I will take some more pictures and endeavour to return to my usual tardiness and stop tidying up!
thank you!

Who knits and crochets 'just-in-case' baby blankets 
'just-in-case' she becomes a Granny, 
thank you for donating such a pretty  delicate yellow blankie,
 your blankie will be winging it's way to Japan this week.
thank you!

Lots of thank yous  

to the ladies who are sewing up our squares

Lynn, Ann, Carol and Lovely Lady

and, to the
  two village posties 
who are at my front door on a daily basis 
bearing parcels 
like these

thank you!


  1. It's all happening now. Well done all

  2. Wow, they do look good! Well done you for organising us all. Your photos transform humble squares into works of art.

    Got some more wool this morning so plan to try out a new square design today; colours will be red, black and orange!


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