Thursday, 7 April 2011


I am now on first name terms with the postie...... why?

Well he keeps bringing me parcels of yummy yumminess filled with delectable grannies of happy colours.

From the States and from the UK .

So, firstly, winging their way from 'over the pond' ...........

-----------------thank you Josie!------------------

They are beautiful and already sewn into a blanket ready to be posted off. 

The pictures of the glorious grannies were taken by my Eldest son who carefully laid them out and then took their  photographs :)


---------------thank you ju24!---------------

What a lovely group of squares, they arrived this morning (anonymously,  but I had already received a tip off who they were from!) They brought such a lovely zing of sunshine and love with them.

-----------------Thank you ladies :)-----------------

And, thank you to my knit and natter group who sat last night and nattered and nibbled and stitched and crocheted blankets together for us all evening!

------------------Thank you too !!-------------------



  1. Wow.....more beautiful squares! These are awesome!!

  2. How fantastic! I can't wait to see how the blankets look!!
    Keep up the good work,

  3. Thank you both - I am so touched by everyone's response and help, when I get all the sewn together blankies, then I can see a photo opportunity happening :)


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