Friday, 15 April 2011

Looky Looky!!

Off to the post office later this morning - 
with these beauties :)

Photos were taken before blocking, sorry!

Last look in their 'vacuum-bagged' state 
before being packed and off to the post office :)

**with thanks to Lovely Lady, Angela, Amy, ju24, Ann, 
Penny, Carol, Lynne, Jennifer, Claire,Margaret B and Josie

More photos, more thankyous and more progress updates coming soon at a computer near you!



  1. how many blankets in total is that now?

  2. Hi Angela - I've just updated the running totals page and it is...drum roll please...........

    242............... squares received to date
    8....................blankets ready for posting

    13 .................blankets already posted

    Woo hoo!!

    How good is that!?

  3. The airless parcels look funny. I like to thing that when they arrive and are unpacked, the blankets will leap out and inflate, all ready for action.

    Let's hope they do not get punctured en route as they might inflate prematurely.....

    Off to do another square!

  4. Lovely Lady - I really like the idea of the blankets springing into action when they come out of their bags - lovely image in my head :)

  5. Wow.....such gorgeous squares from everyone & you guys are doing such an awesome job stitching them into blankets. I know they will be so loved & appreciated!

  6. I'm speechless at what you've done here so far. You are amazing. It just makes my heart sing that there are such truly caring people in our creative community. Thanks, Hawthorne, you're the loveliest soul :-) xxJosie


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