Tuesday, 5 April 2011

More grannie-goodness - by post and by blog :)

After a hectic evening at work, I came home feeling quite jaded and tired, there waiting for me, both in my inbox and at my front door - delicious piles of wonderful crochet granny-squaredom! Suddenly I felt a whole lot better,
thank you ladies!

Amy from Little Treasures blogged about her grannies, please pop over and have a read.

So now, winging their way over from the States are 10 wonderfully colourful and warm grannies -

thank you Amy :) x

Penny from Violet White again has been quick off the mark and sent SECOND wonderful pile of grannie-goodness.

thank you Penny :) x

The other day, my Youngest spent ages sorting out some of the remaining un-stitched squares and with a great deal of concentration laid them out on the carpet. He then firmly informed me that this was the lay out pattern I was to follow (demanding no?!) then he neatly picked each square up in the correct order, found each pile a plastic bag and having finally reached a turning point, he suddenly stuffed them in their bags (as only a 10 year old boy can do) and ran off with the dog to play outside. Oh what innocent fun.



  1. Ooh, what a lovely game - I could quite happily spend time doing that too. Would have to pick lots of dog hairs out if that was my carpet :)

  2. It was a lovely game, kept him quiet for ages until he suddenly reached the end and needed to explode with energy outside. It was surprising how long he was kept busy :)

  3. Whilst I find it harder to crawl around on the floor, I am willing to offer my services as sewing some together OR shall I keep on making more squares??

  4. Leave the carpet crawling to my ankle-biters!

    and yes please help with the sewing would most delightful!!
    thank you x

  5. why not set up a sewing session and if I can make it I'll come and help and bring cake

  6. Angela - we're meeting tonight (bit short notice for I know) but I will let you know when the next sewing sesh is and come and join us pleeeease!


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