Saturday, 11 June 2011

Yarn Alive - please read

We all know what pleasure and comfort we get from knitting and crochet at our knit and natter groups - but as a life saver? 

Well, after the tsunami and earthquake an increased number of suicides are occurring and an initiative to teach knitting and crochet and having 'Yarn-Alive' sessions are keeping women alive - now that can't be bad!!

Follow this link 'Yarn'Alive' to read the full story - it's so so full of hope.


  1. so glad I read it, an amazing way to help people

  2. Oh my, I had no idea about this. I do crochet for fun and it's fantasic way for me to relax, but I never figured that it could mean this much. Thanx for posting.
    Hug, Esther.

  3. Only in the paper today it mentioned that knitting, crochet and quilting are good for one's health, in some ways better than exercise!!! So that lets me off the exercise hook and onto the crochet hook. Thanks for including this in your blog as it was a good read and makes me want to crochet more!

  4. Thanks for sharing this info. The wonderful things that can be created from crocheting/knitting...the tangible things and more importantly, the intangible. xJosie


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