Friday, 10 June 2011

Pictures :) aaaw kawai!

 As per your request Angela - just look what will be winging it's way to Japan soon soon soon!

Baby blanket in small grannies

A zingy ripple

And, as per my rather long suffering male models (thanks boys:) )

A soft soft knitted blanket, very snuggly

This one was/is my Eldest son's (err I mean model) favourite one

Another soft and snuggly knitted blankie

A vibrant and colourful granny

And finally, something to really make you smile, my other model had to get in on the action and fancied holding the latest clutch of cuties (kawai) 

L-R: Kuma, Shishi and Panda (Bear, lion and panda!)

So - what do you think? Good huh?! Couldn't do it with out you ladies - So thank you again so much :)


  1. Wonderful blankets there--What a truly wonderful way of showing people so far away that we care
    Kindest Regards Linda

  2. Tears in my eyes; they look great (nice models too!).

    Keep us all making blankies....

  3. Great job, those will really be appreciated!

  4. fab photos, thanks Kate. My favourite is the small gannies babt blanket. Well done to the models they make the blankets look so extra special


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