Thursday, 9 June 2011

More squares of happiness being made daily!

Angela from A Life of Felt is in the process of crocheting her husband right out of his house! Sorry S!

For the full story plus a funny little square with so much characture and hope please follow the link



I'd been away a week and left all the scrummy squares with a group of lovely ladies who have been sewing and crocheting away to make some glorious blankies - my camera battery is flat so you will have have to hold onto your hooks and needles and I will take pictures as soon as it is charged.

Yesterday I toddled off to the post office with 6 lovely baby blankies and 8 teddies needing little folk to cuddle. I shall being doing the same tomorrow but with larger blankets for older children - lovely lovely lovely!

This week's thank yous are:

Carol, Marta, Lynne, Anne, Margaret , Margaret M, Gillian, Antonia, Val, Claire, Jennifer, Lynda and a little parcel with a Cardiff Postcode - thank you again!!

And don't forget if you blog about your involvement with Kyōyū kyōyū - share let me know and I will link it with this one and we can share the creativity and love! xx


  1. Lovely,lovely woolly goodness- Thank you so much for taking the time to update all your followers. I am so glad to be involved
    Kindest Regards Linda

  2. Surprised but delighted to see my pic here. After all the squares tyou've received recently I can't wait to see what thr group have come up with. get that camera charged up.


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