Friday, 17 June 2011

Update and THANK YOUs

I have some lovely photos to share and some more glorious squares have arrived courtesy of Harriet from Catapilladesigns , she has a lovely blog with lots of inspirational photos. She posted about her squares here, please pop over and have a read and say hi.

Thank you Harriet :)

Last night these squares were stitched lovingly together and now just wait for 'their' teddy and the next posting 
More blankies arrived at last nights knit and natter

A lovely warm ripple stitch

Warm and snuggly knitted blankie where the squares were knitted diagonally!

Another cheery granny square blankie

A super soft knitted blankie with a crochet trim

Thank you knit and natter ladies :)

There are more waiting to photo-ed but I am having to rush off to work. 
Will update you as soon as I can x


  1. Lovely,lovely blankets full of love x

  2. Good grief Linda - you are quick off the mark!! But yes you are correct, it is lovely seeing these blankets waiting to be sent off knowing that they are wanted and needed and that we are able to help

  3. Work does get in the way!

    Great photos and I eagerly await the next lot.

    So good to know our efforts are going to a good cause.

  4. Great project, I know the blankets will be well loved!

  5. I'm not surprised your knk group needs cake when it meets, with so much work going on I'm sure they deserve more


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