Saturday, 24 March 2012

Kindness of others

Fiona from TizDuster very generously posted to me 7 balls of yarn to add to our blanket making stash and they arrived yesterday morning..Of course I instantly reached for my knitting needles and got making!!

Thank you Fiona!!xx


  1. Hard to read the text 'I reached for my knitting needles' and associate you with that saying! It made me smile. Great to have extra yarn in the blanket making stash.

  2. Thank you Fiona, I have just used the white with blue and pink flecks together with the blue to join and edge some pink squares made by Angela, it worked very well. Kate has put it together with another pink blanket (again from squares made by Angela and this time edged and joined togther by Gillian) and a couple of teddies in the latest parcel.

    Thanks to Angela too, you help keep us all very busy with your trememdous contribution of squares!! :>)xx


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