Thursday, 12 April 2012

Blankets, teddies, yarns and thank yous!

Update - We held Yarnival to help raise funds for postage and yarn and it was successful on both accounts!

So thought I would share some pictures - 
A woolly crochet blankie - warm and heavy
Thank you Gillian!

A snuggly blanket made by Jak (thank you!) with yarns from Fiona (thank you!)

And a cute teddy in the same colours (Jak)

A bobbly teddy - really squishy and cuddly (Jak)

Happy smiley kawai cuddlies for little people to love and hold. (Marta)

A Basket full of yarns (now distributed among the knit and natter ladies to crochet and knit)

Progress photos to follow.

There are more images of blankets and teddies - just need to charge my camera battery then will share :)

Thank you to all of you who've helped, crocheted, knitted, donated 
and spent time sending squares and yarns.


  1. Nice carrots! Great to know Yarnival was so successful. I have plans for the ball of yellow wool I 'borrowed' from the basket of lovely yarny delights you offered us recently. If I crack on I might have a blanket ready for next KnK....

  2. They look fab and it's very good that yarnival was so successful


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