Monday, 5 March 2012

The Wall Street Journal and Yarn Alive with our blankets :)

Just look at this! Knitting with new friends

Such a wonderful story in The Wall Street Journal **- and some of our blankets (Marta!) are there - how precious to see them inspiring these woman.

Come on ladies - time to reach for that surplus stash and your hooks and needles and get crafting !

**Our blankets are shown around 2.13 - 2.20minute mark


  1. My stash is empty but I guess that's a good reason for more shopping

  2. It is humbling to see our blankets there and the ladies chatting and knitting/crochet. I still cannot quite understand the concept of having nothing.... So glad our humble efforts have helped them. Biggest thanks goes to you for organising the posting etc. Thanks Hawthorn.

  3. WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!! Spread the word! I have another finished blanket here waiting for you. Just posted about it ;-)

  4. I loved watching the video and seeing what a difference the blankets and yarn had made to them. I also noticed their amazing community spirit and thought how lovely it was. Your work is inspiring and a lovely thing to do for others. I bit of comfort and colour in the midst of traumatic times obviously does help.


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