Wednesday, 2 November 2011

❤❤ Latest to go and a request❤❤

Remember I mentioned in the last post that I'd received some lovely squares from Aileen? 

 I never managed to take photos of her yummy squares before they were whisked away by Marta to turn into a blanket.  After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing and discussing how best to use Aileen's squares - just look what gorgeousnous Marta has created from the original squares.................


Another scrummily warm blanket was created by Angela's squares and the dedicated piecing out and sewing by Gillian - the autumnal colours are brilliant - unfortunately the only picture I have does it no favours but trust me it looks wonderful :)

A few more cuddly toys are off too -

The lion is such a cute pudding of a toy he was nearly adopted by my boys, the other two are so tactile and fit nicely in little hands - I am sure they will be loved by who ever adopts them :)

These two characters have already gone, again they nearly missed being posted as my Youngest really fancied them - but bless him, he said that although he loved them he knew they were meant for other children who would need them much more. 

Now a request - we have run low of squares and although we as a group are still making squares and blankets we would love  love  love  to have some more - the weather is definitely cooling down and a lot of families are still living in temporary housing and sadly some are still in makeshift shelters - can you imagine living like that and not being able to sleep warmly at night?

Even if you only have a few scraps of yarn left over from your last wip - please think of us and make a square or two!! 

Thank you!!


  1. Could you send me the address again, please. I have tons of yarn here & could whip up a few more grannies in no time.

    My email is


  2. Great post! If Angela sends any more wonderful squares I will volunteer to blanket them! I had such fun. Cannot wait till you get feedback from Japan. I miss the lion so am making one for me!

  3. hello and a huge thanks to Marta for making my squares into such a wonderful blanket - what a talented lady you are. Will try and get some more squares done for you.

  4. I have a blanket that is ready to go coming your way (have you recieved my e-mail? Anyway...) and I am crocheting away as we speak in my hotelroom (business trips can be boring at times!) on another blanket. If I have 2 (or maybe 3!) blankets finished I will send them your way. Promise!
    Thank you for your wonderful work!

  5. PS. Here's the blanket I am sending you. WOOT!

  6. Apologies to Aileen; sorry I called you Angela. It was your bright squares and an idea from Kate that inspired me; not many original thoughts in my body!

  7. the zig zag granny is wonderful but all the blankets and toys look brilliant. Feeling quite guilty now that I haven't made many recently.


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