Thursday, 6 October 2011

Off to the post office tomorrow!

Tomorrow, I am off to the post office with this little lot ....................

They are so soft and warm and a combination of Angela's square making and the dedicated sewing of Gillian, Carol , Marta and Ann  - thank you ladies your work will soon be off to their new homes :)

I have also just received some very pretty squares from - Aileen - thank you!! photos to follow soon :)


  1. What a great work you are doing. This is wonderful!

  2. WOW, aren't they great!! I've got my balls of yarn ready too for some new Japan projects :-)

  3. I think the grey/red one then the black/red ones are my favourites. Sounds like I might get some more squares next week to sew together - good.

    As usual, great photos.

  4. I agree, gery and white is my favourite too. Looking very good, great work ladies.

  5. Love those granny blankets, great colors, they will really be appreciated!


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