Thursday, 4 August 2011

Heartening news and a basket load of cuddles

Firstly, a snippet of an email from Christina (Japan Alive)  with a little guy called Shunsuke ..................  

Here's a pic of me with Shunsuke in his family's temporary housing and one of the teddy bears you ladies sent over.  He was born 2 weeks after the tsunami.  His name means "he will be a great help to many people".  His family's home was directly opposite the beach and so they lost absolutely everything.

We are hoping to visit an autistic children's home up north next week. Some incredible stories of survival. Will be handing out more teddy bears and blankets there!

How good is that?!

Now for news a bit closer to home........

A basket load of toys, just waiting to go off to Japan, 
rolls of scarves and woolly hats and a blanket

Just look at this assorted basket of fun!

Teddies, elephants, seals, a monkey, 
an orangutan,seals, lions, 
octopi (plural?), owls, 
a cute little girl, 
a teeny tiny turtle, 
a baby, zebra 
and the cutest Siamese cat 
you have EVER seen!!

Thank you SO MUCH 

Gillian, Marta and Carol

Thanks to Heather C for all the crochet grannies to which I added a rather large anomaly I made a while ago and was flummoxed as to what to do with it! 
Heather's colours just worked beautifully 
with that over ambitious square.

Here are a few more 'mug-shots' of these little wonderful characters
I am sure they will make a little person smile :)

Close up.

If you do make scarves and hats,
please do not 
send them to me 
but post them directly to Kenta  at scarves4japan :

Kenta Shimohira
39-3, Nishikamaike, Ogawa, 
Higashiura-cho, Chita-gun,
Aichi, 470-2102

I do have other lovely news from Christina - another snippet from a different email - 

.........Also, Teddy wanted me to share with you that her group of women (Yarn Alive) that meet at the community hall in the temporary housing (refugee women) have been inspired by you ladies and are starting to knit blankets in a similar manner.  They have received, and now they want to also give to those in other hard hit areas! So please thank your group that not only have they given physically but also inspired and helped emotionally to these particular women who are now finding purpose once again.

Doesn't it make you smile? :)

All for now, will keep you posted, and remember please make scarves and hats and send them directly to Kenta, he asks if you do, to include a brief written note from yourself.


  1. What a wonderful posting. Fabulous photo of the child with mini-ted. The other photos are great; Gillian is a star. I too would have found it hard to part with all of the toys she had knitted.

  2. Okay, you people have GOT to stop making me cry! Alright alright... I'll get my hook and yarn out again ;-)
    Keep up the good work you lovelies!
    PS. Can I send in sewn toys too or do you just accept crocheted/knitted ones?

  3. Thank you TTmL and Esther and yes soft fabric toys will be fine, as long as they are not too heavy and are just as lovely and cuddly and needing loving homes as the crochet and knitted ones!!

  4. You have made my day just to share all that goodness-- Brilliant!

  5. How briliant Kate, what a wondeful email from japan and post from you. Lovely to see so many cuddly toys.

  6. So inspired by your work! Great blog!


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