Monday, 21 March 2011

****!!!PINK AND WHITE!!!***

A fellow blogger has just asked should she avoid white yarn/wool for her squares and so I rushed off and did a bit of research and she is correct!

The Japanese associate white with death and mourning while pink is linked to pornography! I want our blankets to bring warmth and hope not to about learning on the job. So please avoid using those two colours if possible.

Thank you Lovely Lady for your timeous words.

Meanwhile, already 6 of you lovely ladies has put your names forward - thank you so very much x 


  1. Oh no!
    Dashes back to the settee to take out all the squares with pink (lots) or white in them...

  2. Pearly Queen - know what you mean, had to do the same :)

  3. Ooops...nearly all of my squares have white in them! However, I think a little white will be ok....after all, once it is put with other grannies it will be very minimal

  4. Have also done some research and it. seems that Japanese people are quite comfortable with white for clothing, interiors etc...and pink. I think that it is like black is with us in the West....yes people traditionally associate it with death and funerals, but we all have black in our wardrobe without making that association x

  5. Hi Andrea, yes I agree with your research, I was just trying to honour their strict code of colour association, please don't frog back any of your work, as you say once added will all the other grannies it will look great :)

    I am coming to your end of the world next week - to save you postage, do you want to meet up?

  6. I've only done one square in pink but it is all pink - bright pink? want it or not? Not offended if you think best avoided.

  7. Angela - in the great scheme of things, I think a pink here or there is not going to offend, mixed in with other colours it will be fine - I am just avoiding wholesale PINK and WHITE blankets :) xx


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