Friday, 25 March 2011

Don't be a square!

Guess what I found yesterday afternoon when I returned from work -

A rather fat looking envelope on the mat filled with...........

A delicious pile of squares!

Thank you Penny!

And she has promised us some more - how very generous :)

Then last night, at knit and natter, Lovely Lady sat and nattered and crocheted these to add to the growing collection, as well as bringing some yummy buns - thank you :)

Jak brought along the first of our knitted squares as well as learning to crochet her first granny! Fired up, she now is off to make lots more for us :)

My pile of squares is growing slowly - but it's getting there!

Then, when I opened my mail I see we have some more lovely lovely contributors joining in and Andrea has her squares ready- so we are going to meet up next week  - this is getting exciting :) I get to meet a bloggy friend and add to the blankie collection.

And final bit of happy square news - Josie has just emailed me and said in a day or two she will be posting these beauties

Thank you ladies, you have done wonders in such a short time!

Have yourselves a lovely sunshiny weekend :)


  1. Those are going to be some marvelous colour-filled blankets! (Did I get that right -- they're going to become blankets?)

  2. Wow, all your squares look good enough to eat!

    Last night at KnK I was able to help Jak sort out her first granny square (corner problem) and there is me only two rows ahead of her!

  3. Wow....what a beautiful bunch of squares you've got already. I have 10 finished & ready to be posted come the first of the week. When is your deadline for wanting these.....I could possibly make another batch too. Just let me know.


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