Saturday, 23 June 2012

All this wonderful creating and sharing spirit

Hooks have been hooky-hooking
Knitting pins have been flying back and forth
The kettle has been keeping us going.
The postman is going to be busy!!

Not only have we been busy with the making 
and the sewing 
and crocheting 
and the knitting
we've also been winding HUGE balls of yarn
smaller ones
so that we can all share the blankie-making-action
what fun!

All ages were roped in to wind and untangle

Phew !
I think I need a nap to recover :)

thank you 
Angela, Marta, Gillian, Lynne, Ann, Carol, Jennifer 
and the mighty Tash!


  1. What a splendid time it looks you all had! Great work, Ladies!

  2. This is fabulous!! I have two blankets lined up to be sent. Hop I get to it this week(I can't seem to find a box that fits them, haha).

  3. You had better tell the Postie to eat plenty of Weetabix! What a lovely, colourful haul you have acquired. Here's to the next lot; can't wait to see Esther's blankets.

  4. There are some fab blankets there and then I noticed some of the squares I made. It amazes me how you and the team transform them, great work all


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