Friday, 24 February 2012

Retrospective posting

Sorry that this is late - life has been rather hectic here and I have finally got round to adding some more photos of beautiful blankets and toys and a rather large bag of yummy squares which arrived yesterday.

These beautiful blankets have been made by Esther from Happy in Red
please pop over and say hello 

These two cute characters were kindly donated by a dear friend from across the road,
she felt strongly that a child's need for them far outweighed her own :)

And finally, another dear friend arrived with a large bag of squares 
(other supermarket bags are available!!) 
excuse me, I shall just go and count them........

110.... yes - one hundred and ten

Thanks ladies yet again.


  1. Oooh, I love the little doggies on my blankies. So cozy!! Those new squares look great and ehm... I have anotgher blankie almost ready for you :-)

    1. Esther - wow you are a busy lady! Thank you so so much. I have to say that your colourful blanket was adored by the knitting group here, each lady pronouncing it their favourite and wanting to adopt it immediately!

  2. Oh such good news; more squares. The animals look so cute. Yes I rather liked Happy in Red's blanket but you ensured it went to Japan and not home with me!

  3. What a staggering number of squares and animals you#ve received! Well done all.


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