Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy New Year and SQUARE APPEAL!!

Firstly a Happy New Year to every one!

And Secondly - I've just been down to the post office with these delightful blankets and toys.

thank you ladies - somebody is going to love having these :) 

Now I am making an appeal - 
we URGENTLY need squares please, 

I have some beautiful ones patiently waiting for some more before I can send them off. Please please, even if it is only one or two squares I will be glad of them. The festive season is over - think of turning your crafting hands to making squares and blankets, our mild winter is cool enough to need blankets at night, just think how cold it can get in Japan.



  1. Oooh, doin't they look fabulous! I'm almost done with my 3rd blankie and then they'll come your way (in 2-3 weeks I guess)

  2. Hi - glad to read more blankets and toys are on their way. I've one more blanket ready for you.

    I've still got my motley collection of 'squares' from my machine knitting days; will bring them to next KnK to seek inspiration as to how to deal with them.

  3. you're so right, I'll try and make more


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