Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Firstly an email from Christina (Japan Alive)

Wanted to inform you that we received the toys and blankets (3 packages).
Thanks so much! Once again the toys bring many smiles!! Look forward to distributing them!
All the best

then an update of blankets coming in - 

Esther - Happy in Red

Esther - Happy in Red

Lovely Lady - Threads through my life

Lovely Lady - Threads through my life - this one is still in progress.

I have toys waiting to go with these blankets, I've just looked outside the window and it is snowing - what better reminder than that to think about needing to be warm x

Thank you ladies xxx


  1. Gosh - no pressure for me to finish the hexagon blanket then!

    Glad to read some parcels have got to Japan - that says it all. Hopefully will see the other blankets before you post them.

  2. Aww, thanx for posting this. Was a pleasure really and I have lots of yarn left and my mum-in-law gave me some more yarn that she had laying around. So I have some more hooking to do!!


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