Tuesday, 26 July 2011

We've been busy... look -

We might have seemed quiet 
but no! - quite the opposite! 

A special thank you 

to Heather C, who sent a wonderful parcel of squares (top right)

Marta, Carol, Jennifer, Lynnette, Margaret and Gillian
 for the cuddly toys,

 Lynn, Lynnette, Carol, Angela,
Ann, Marta, Harriet and 
not forgetting Claire 
for contributing to, 
sewing together and making blankets!

**All the items in the top montage have already arrived in Japan, I've just been so busy recently this is the first chance I've had to up load the photos!

Also, I've been in email contact with Christina in Japan 
and she has requested scarves and soft toys
So if you fancy joining in - 
please do!


  1. Great to see you have found time for an update; I know you have been very busy. Photos are wonderful and I am so pleased the top montage has safely arrived.

    I will have another small offering for you this week!

  2. Wonderful progress-- I have been thinking about crocheting Granny Stripe Scarves lately as they will grow so much more quickly than knitted ones!
    Kindest Regards Linda

  3. wow, wow, wow! scarves and toys instead of blankets? only there's rather a large pile of squares waiting here for you :-) will move onto scarves shortly

  4. Scarves and blankets are being stock piled to hand out as the weather changes and toys are for now, coz when you are a child - toys are for instant gratification!
    Your squares are still very needed :)

  5. That's fantastic, keep up the good work!


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